Urgent announcement

The animation filing which finished in Japan YouTube in 2009/09/17 is the Soka Gakkai side, I had just said and was eliminated.

I'll exhibit an animation of a problem and denounce a human rights-like group.


 カルト創価学会のマインドコントロール@ 敵を粉砕せよ!

As if Nichiren Shoshu is a group of vice, I make a member advertise, and the speech making brainwash and a cult system can be read, and it comes.
Than the 29th time head office caucus on May 27th in 2009....


 カルト創価学会のマインドコントロールA 末法の本仏は名誉会長

Principal image of Buddha in a sinful age is an honorary chairman.

A note of presidental address by a head office caucus and a mahatma person on the completion of a framework is quoted, but everything is admired only in GA which admires it with honorary chairman's divine protection and doesn't say principal image of Buddha in a sinful age. I speak to a member and brainwash.

This is heard and how does a general person think? The head of a Buddhist sect principal image of Buddha and the evidence blame hits up, and that slanders and brainwashes actual condition with honorary chairman principal image of Buddha theory.

本部幹部会での会長演説、建前上大聖人の御書を引用しつつも、全 ては名誉会長のお陰と賛嘆し末法の御本仏と言わんがばかりに賛嘆。会員に演説しマインドコントロールを行う。一般の方はこれを聞き どう思います?法主本仏とぶち上げて非難・中傷し、実際は名誉会長本仏論と洗脳 する証拠。

 カルト創価学会のマインドコントロールB 顕彰自慢の名誉会長

Soka Gakkai Hasegawa deputy director will report the number of honors of the honorary chairman to a member by a head office caucus.

Soka Gakkai bruits it and that are absolute when Soka Gakkai honorary chairman is right for the justice, then brainwashed "brainwashing" is called the authority.

Brainwashing (the authority) source: Free encyclopedia "WIKIPEDIA (Wikipedia)" lay

マインドコントロール(権威性)・出典: フリー百科事典『ウィキペディア(Wikipedia)』より


 カルト創価学会のマインドコントロールC 黒い手帳の事実を隠す

Tanano male chief director beheads that Mr. Yano went by a trial of Mr. Komeito ex-chairperson Yano by a head office caucus.

But a former executive of the Komeito conceals a beheaded thing from an Areopagus, introduces district court judgment of a different trial to a member and bruits Mr. Yano's ignorant kindness way in the whole assembly one really by a black pocket diary trial.

Introduction of the judgment by which Tokyo district court has rejected all Yano's charges on August 26th in 2009 by a suit about the article by which the contents of a speech are "in the business world, NIPPON"...

A trial of a black pocket diary fixes a lost case of the Komeito by an Areopagus.

But the religious cult which conceals an inconvenient trial and plants vengefulness in the member who knows nothing.The trick which tricks the innocent member who knows nothing, an orchid, oh.

Than September 10th head office caucus in 2009.

Mr. Yoshihiro Sakaguchi contributes the article which appeared on "in the business world, PPON" with conflict, but, he's an order reporter of Soka Gakkai.








   カルト創価学会のマインドコントロールD 衆院選の総括せず

Chairperson Harada's speech by a head office caucus.
Of an election of the House of Representatives, I don't make generalization of, that a foundation of a victory next to the emphasis could do the size of 8,000,000 votes at a proportional representation constituency, it's bruited.
Without the explanations of the fact that the part of the LDP vote which reduced 1,000,000 votes more than shamelessness and an election of the House of Representatives in 05 spread on proportion.
"The seeing of Myo is absolute!" only a word is empty.
 Than September 10th head office caucus in 2009.




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